Wow Where Did the Time Go???

Ok so I cannot believe that I haven’t posted in a week!!  Oh my! I am not even sure how this week got away from me and I did not post.

Let me start by saying my husband has been on my case to stay on track; which is super annoying but I need it for sure.  He knows that when it comes to my diet I will definitely put everyone ahead of myself, which sometimes translates into not having my breakfast shake until 10 am even though I have been up for about 4 hours at that point and should be on the second meal.   So yeah he’s driving me insane but I need it for sure.

The next thing that has happened over the last week – my #StartTodayJournal came!!  I love it.  I posted about it over on Instagram; I have been using it everyday and man let me tell you, when it makes you think – it really makes you think.  Sitting down and writing out 10 scary goals was no joke.  These were goals I didn’t even know I had until I started sitting down and writing them out!  Talk about being shocked! I love how its pushing me out of my comfort zone, and I love the feeling of accomplishment even though these goals haven’t been hit yet.  Writing them day after day makes me believe that I can hit them; its not a question of it, but rather of question of when.  So I highly recommend grabbing one of these journals when they come out next time; I am pretty sure that they are sold out now; but Rachel Hollis said new designs would be back in the future.  I promise that you will love the way it makes you think about where you want to be and who you want to be.

Of course on Sunday I ran my usual 5k, that was run number 98!!  Holy Cannoli I am almost at 100!!  We are going to have a pre-celebration on Nov 9th.  My friend and business partner who is also an amazing personal trainer and owns her own gym are having a healthy happy hour.  Its going to be an amazing time to try some of my amazing products, meet some of the team, and check out an awesome gym!  I cannot wait to share this experience with everyone.  I know I am constantly talking about how amazing my products are, now is the time to come on out and sample them.

Finally this week I worked out with my mom.  She asked me to train her a couple of days a week to help get her back in a groove.  I am excited and thrilled that she thought enough of me to ask for my help.  She was a little concerned today about the workout; but I am so proud of her.  She pushed through and tried everything I threw at her.  She even tried the things that she thought she couldn’t do.  I am so proud of her.  Now I just have to keep on her, and hopefully the little negative voice she has who talks nonstop doesn’t throw her off.  I understand that some people think they are being helpful but in this case they are just a PITA and I don’t want her getting discouraged early on.  We are going to train another day this week and I know she is going to do amazing again.

So in closing today – I want to just say:

  1. Look at who you want to be in 10 years & figure out what goals and steps you need to take to get there
  2. Don’t let someone else’s negative talk get in your head
  3. Remember that you are worth the struggle; your dream is worth the struggle
  4. Keep pushing, don’t ever quit on yourself

Happy Working Out!!

Danielle aka A Fit Cookie



Well Hello There!!

Hey peoples!  Long time no write….  I know have been the worlds biggest slacker, and non-blog writer.  To say that 2018 has been a year to remember it has been a year to remember.

I came in this year on an amazing high.  2017 was a great year, I hit numerous running milestones, my weight loss was going great!  I was even losing or maintaining through the holiday season. My little side hustle was going great, I had people interested and wanting to join in and learn how to feel amazing.  It was a great year.

Now let’s get to 2018…..  started the year with a foot injury.  I am sure it was from over use in 2017, too much of a good thing can still be a bad thing.  Technically I think my foot issue started in 2017 and I pushed through my last few miles just because I am a little crazy like that; but for the sake of this blog let’s blame it on 2018. I went to my amazing chiropractor and friend Dr. Gina and she was doing stellar work on my foot/ankle.  I was starting to feel a little more like myself.  I was still taking it easy with my running, and had already decided to scale back some on the mileage.  Alright – so y’all know how much I hate lifting weights – its probably my least favorite thing to do – and I don’t want to hear from all you heavy lifters how its so great for me, yadda, yadda, yadda – I know all of this – I just don’t enjoy it.  In an attempt to be more consistent with lifting weights – because as much as I hate it; I have great results when I am lifting consistently.  I drop the most weight when I have a serious lifting routine in place – so because I know all of this and I know that my body responds to weight training very well; I decided to sign up for a weight training class at my gym – shout out to UFC Gym Lansdale  ; my home away from home. So I was going to weights at 5 am and the one morning we were doing squats and even though it was my warm up set – I barely had any weights on there; I felt a pop in my back. Yep…  talk about pain.  Since I am no stranger to back pain and previously made the mistake of pushing through – I immediately stopped what I was doing, and took a little walk around to see if that would help.  Walking did not help; I was still in a ton of pain.  I tried body weight exercises, like squats and lunges – just to see if it would give me a little relief…. nope nothing.  I went home, heat, advil and jumped back in the bed.  This was the start of a bad few months.  Eventually went to the chiropractor and she was able to give me some relief, and I have been getting fascia release and muscle work done – its helped but I am not back to 100% yet and this injury happened all the way back in February.  So yeah my running was really derailed and I have to say even though I’ve known for some time now that I wasn’t going to hit my running goal of 1000 miles for the year – it still hurts me to say that out loud.

Let’s move on….. then my Uncle James passed away.  He had been on a decline but I didn’t think that he was near death.  His death hit me hard.  I’ve had 2 consistent male figures in my life – that I know I could call on (prior to my husband) – my Uncle James was one and my Uncle Jimmie is the other.  My Uncle James treated me like his own daughter.  I was his daughter until they had a daughter of their own and even then I was still his daughter – so yeah his death took me by surprise and it really hurt. You forget how precious and how short life is.  How unexpected death is.  Even trying to talk about it now – several months after the fact is making me tear up.  I loved him and I know that he loved me.

Next up on this stellar year – my husband’s position was eliminated and we were unsure of what he was going to do.  He always makes sure that we are well provided for but that uncertainty was a lot.  Because of the uncertainty with his employment – that meant we couldn’t take any vacations, I couldn’t go to the big convention that my side hustle has every August – so just more stress added on to an already stressful year.  Because God always makes a way – my husband did secure another position with another company; so thank goodness for a little less stress in that area.

I’ve run the Philly Rock and Roll half marathon for the last 4 years or so – well because of the back injury I did not run this year.  I was devastated. I knew that my back wouldn’t get me through 13 miles of walking and most definitely not 13 miles of running.  So yep – more stress, more disappointment.

I don’t know about y’all but stress, disappointment and anxiety are the perfect cocktail for me to gain weight.  So even with my super foods plan, I’ve had way too many adult beverages, way too many cheat nights, and not enough sleep.  So yeah I’ve gained some weight this year.  Gaining weight while promoting your health business is kinda like an oxymoron. What people don’t see or understand without talking to me is that even though I gained some weight this year – its not like it would’ve been in years past.  I let life’s circumstances throw me off my square as my dad would say but listen I’ve had stressful years that have been way worse than this one in terms of weight gain and overall lack of focus on health.  So while I had a little hiccup and took a few steps back; I am not down and out.  I am not giving up and I know that refocusing is exactly what I need to do.

My decision to refocus comes at the perfect time – I am doing the #Last90Days with Rachel Hollis and I know its going to help me.  One of things that is a part of the Last 90 Days is the 5 to Thrive (see list below).  These have been great; however I am fighting a terrible cold and the very 1st one on the list is almost impossible.  I am going to keep working a little more everyday.  To help keep myself on track and moving forward – I am going to blog at least once a week.  Its so therapeutic to write out what is going on and I enjoy it but like so many other things I let it go because I just couldn’t make time for it.  I am going to change that – there is no reason why I can’t take time once a week to make a post; even if its just a workout update; its not like I am being graded like a school paper or something.

Anyway – thanks for taking this ride through the beginning of 2018 with me.  I plan on knocking the rest of this year out of the park!


5 to Thrive By Rachel Hollis

  1. Wake up 1 hour earlier & do something with that hour for yourself
  2. Workout 7 days a week
  3. Drink half your body weight in water
  4. Give up 1 category of food that you know shouldn’t have
    1. No cheat days
    2. Do it for 30 days
    3. If you cheat you have to start the timer over
  5. Write 10 things that you are grateful for – write them at the end of the day



Wednesday Recap

Well today did not go as planned; actually Tuesday didn’t go as planned either. Tuesday my plan was to run 5 miles and then do the Lori Harder workout 1 for the month of November.  Instead what happened was I ran 2.5 miles and did the LH WO1.  I was busy with work, and crap.

Today – the plan was to run 4 miles and go to kickboxing.  Well I only had time for my run.  My son’s wrestling schedule got changed and my husband had a meeting, which kinda screwed everything up. I am glad I got to run though.

Tomorrow I need to run 5 miles, and hopefully I get to boxing too – we will see though.

Today I was also supposed to cleanse ….yeah that went like the rest of my day.  I can’t seem to get through one.  I haven’t completed a full cleanse day in some time.  Ugh…. its so frustrating.  I am so stressed most days; I am doing great and then the stress level goes way up and my cleanse goes out the window.  I don’t know how to get through, over, around the stress.  Most of it is caused by my kids and some from work – 2 things that aren’t going anywhere.  So….. I need to figure out how to deal.  Cleanse days are so important – not just for my weight loss and ridding my body of visceral fat but its important because it is a reset button for your body.  We are exposed to so many toxins every day; from the food we ingest, to the water we drink, even in the shower!! So yeah cleanse days are kinda a big deal…  So…. I need to get out of my way; which is pretty much my issue with everything that holds me back.  There is never a situation or a person that stops me – its always me.  I do know this about myself; so I am working on it.

Ok – so tomorrow I am going to cleanse again, and I am going to make it through the day.  My hubby will be here to help with the nightmare of getting the evening stuff done – so I know that I can be successful tomorrow.  I can’t wait to come back and write about the insane amount of energy that I have and the mental clarity that I have.  I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Happy Cleansing aka Intermittent Fasting!!

Danielle aka A Fit Cookie

Forgetful Fran

Ok – yeah so I realized that I was supposed to come back last Monday and post my workouts…. I realized that as I was getting ready to write today’s blog… my bad.

Life is crazy, and I am trying to stay on top of a million things. Wrestling season for my younger 2 has started, which means crazy schedules.  There’s always juggling of homework, dinner, house work, work work, workouts, etc. you get the picture – this is a well oiled machine over here (well most times).

So my workouts for last week consisted of running, boxing, kickboxing, running, running, and more running….  I am working hard to hit my year end goal of 1100 miles.  I am happy to say that my 2017 in 2017 team has hit our team goal! Woohoo!  I knew we would get there; it took a little more than I anticipated.  We have already put together our team for 2018 and its going to rock!  I wouldn’t be surprised if we hit it 2xs!!

Ok so today is Monday and my goal for the week is to run at least 30 miles.  I am upping my mileage goals because of the fact that I am getting down to the wire for my overall goal.  I would also like to make it to kickboxing or boxing class at least 1x and I would like to complete one of the Lori Harder workouts.  I love her workouts but with my current schedule – I haven’t been able to get them in.   So I am going to lay out my plan for the week – then as the week progresses, I can pop back over and post my completed workouts.

11/12 Sunday – ran 4.03 miles

11/13 Monday – ran 5.02 miles

11/14 Tuesday – run 5 miles; complete Lori Harder Workout 1

11/15 Wednesday – run 4 miles; 60 mins kickboxing

11/16 Thursday – run 5 miles

11/17 Friday – run 4 miles

11/18 Saturday – run 5 miles; Lori Harder Workout 2

In the meantime – make sure you get out and move!!  Go for a walk, or a run; go skip with your kids; take your fur baby for a longer walk than usual.  Make the most of the fact that you can move!

Happy Running!

Danielle aka A Fit Cookie


Fell off the Wagon

Yeah – ok so I fell off the wagon and then it rolled over me…. but that’s ok.  Now don’t get your panties in a bunch – I didn’t fall off the weight loss or workout wagon but I did fall off the blogging wagon.  So here I am again, working on being more consistent.  This seems to be a running theme in my life.  Let me catch you up on all things Danielle.

About 2 weeks ago my dad had a stroke.  He lives by himself, but when he went downstairs his door man noticed he was behaving oddly; 911 was called and he is on the mend.  There is a lot more to this story but no one wants the unsettling details – instead I am going to stick his miraculous recovery! We thank God every day for his amazing recovery.  I will say that my dad is no star patient….  He’s head strong, opinionated, bossy, and stubborn – guess that’s where I get it from…. In any event he is home and doing awesome.  The best thing that came out of this was the fact that me and all of my sisters were together in one place, at one time!  We haven’t all been in the same place at the same time in years.  Wish it was different circumstances but I am so grateful for them and for us pulling together when it mattered.

My eating has been ok….  could be a lot better.  I did finally commit to making some weight loss goals and making them public.  Yeah I know shocker.  I am committed to losing 6 lbs by Thanksgiving.  I know that’s not a lot but I don’t want to set myself up for failure; so I made a smaller more attainable goal.

My fitness/workouts have been on point.  My biggest issue is that I don’t have enough time during the day to workout the way I want to.  I want to run, lift, box, etc. and there just isn’t enough time to do all of that.  What ends up happening is that I will pick something and focus on that but then something else slips – so right now I haven’t really been running, but I’ve been hitting up my home gym (UFC) and getting in boxing and kickboxing. I need to get in more runs because I need to hit my mileage goals and right now they seem so far away….  I also need to get back to lifting.  When I am lifting consistently the weight just falls off.  I tend to carry a little more muscle and that really helps my weight loss efforts; however I hate weight lifting…. I find it so boring.  As my son always says – suck it up buttercup….  If I want to hit my goals I have to get comfortable being uncomfortable…. this applies to so many areas of my life.

After missing so much time from boxing and kickboxing – I am starting to feel like myself again, I am starting to get back into the groove and not feel like I am dying…. well at least not as quickly anyway.  If you have never taken a boxing or a kickboxing class where you get your hands wrapped and you get to hit a heavy bag – I say go run and find one now!  This isn’t your cardio kickboxing class from back in the day – no this is pretty close to the real deal and I love it.

I posted my workouts for this week at the end of the post….  as you can see it was cardio heavy….

If you follow me over on FB I am doing a FB live to give away a sold out limited edition canister of shake mix.  I will pick a name; not sure how I am going to do it yet but pop over and check it out.   This flavor sold out in 24 hours…. so yeah its a good one.

Ok well over the course of this next week – I commit to blogging more, posting my workouts when I do blog, and completing 2 FB lives.  I hope you will check them out!

In the meantime – go get in a workout!


aka A Fit Cookie


Workouts Week of 10/29

Sunday – 3.6 mile run (Just Do It Sunday)

Monday – 1.1 mile run; 15 min heavy bag work; 50 mins boxing

Tuesday – 1.11 mile run; 35 min RPM

Wednesday –  50 mins kickboxing

Thursday – 50 mins kickboxing

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello and happy Monday!!  Or maybe not happy Monday – all depends on your current view.  My Mondays are always happy!  Even if they are dreary and rainy.  So let me catch you up on my workouts and my weekend.

Thursday….  football practice; however I did mange to get in a 5 mile run!  Woohoo… that was my longest run since my half marathon. I also cleansed on Thursday – same thing as Intermittent Fasting.  Pretty awesome for your body.  Studies have shown that you can achieve great fat loss by following an intermittent fasting schedule; if you want to know about my schedule, I would love to share it with you.

Friday – I was in a total time crunch, only got in 30 mins of RPM, however I did burn over 300 calories in that 30 mins!  Friday night was the high school football game, fun times….

Saturday – I was on my own, as my hubby had to take one kid to a wrestling tournament that was about 90 mins away.  So I was left with the younger 2 and having to get to 2 football games, and squeeze in a workout. Luckily both boys were on the same field and the games were back to back.  However I was standing from 10 am until 4 pm….  my foot was killing me.  I also got up at 6 to get to the gym, so I could get my workout in before Paul got on the road. This time I burned 361 calories doing 30 mins of RPM.  Man I love me some RPM.  When I am pressed for time, its the best workout for me to get a serious calorie burn.

Sunday – again on my own for the day.  The boy and the hubby had to head back for more wrestling.  This time I had to hit the gym at 430 am in order to get my workout in because they needed to be on the road by 630…. ugh.  Yeah getting up at 4 am to be at the gym by 430 kicked my butt…..  I was exhausted and cranky all day.  I did keep my #JustDoItSunday run streak alive.  Which I have to say on Saturday night when I realized how late my husband was going to get back on Sunday and how early he had to leave,  I almost had a complete and total melt down.  The thought of breaking my run streak had me in a complete and total tizzy….  like ready to cry.  Yeah I get that OCD about things.  To run 42 consecutive Sundays, the thought of breaking that before I hit 52, was more than I could handle; so I went to bed and decided I was getting up at 4 to avoid breaking it.  Its a little crazy, and a lot dedication.  I am dedicated to hitting that goal, its one of many that I have.

Monday (today)  – 6 mile run, and 30 mins of RPM!  Woohoo….

For the rest of the week I haven’t really planned out my workouts yet.  I will at some point tonight.  I like to sit down with my dollar store calendar and write out my workout plan.  I usually do it at the beginning of the month.  Right now I have a skeleton schedule laid out, I need to fill in the details.  I’ll post a pic of it once its done.  I also set meetings with myself to make sure I get to the gym, or if its at a time that could impact my husband I set a meeting with him, so he knows I have gym plans.

I want to touch on 2 things….

  1. I am really good at setting workout goals and crushing them.  I am good at setting workout goals and doing everything in my power to make sure I achieve them.  I suck at setting weight loss goals.  I won’t set a number of pounds to lose every month, I don’t set any goals related to my weight loss journey.  I was pondering this and wondering if this is one of the reasons why my success rate hasn’t been the best.  Don’t get me wrong, I am losing weight and inches and body fat but it is slow going.  Am I self sabotaging by not setting hard line goals that I am obsessed with hitting? Is it easier with workout goals because I LOVE working out?  So even though it does take effort to hit my goals its not the same as setting a big scary goal.  Hmm….  thinking I need to set some big scary goals and get out of my comfort zone.
  2. Next I wanted to talk about my lifestyle changes.  I have joined with an amazing health and wellness company and I am bound and determined to share not only the products with everyone but I am determined to get to my goal.  I love the way I feel, and I just felt like I needed to share with everyone.  If you are tired of being sick & tired you are not alone.  Together we can set some big scary goals and crush them!


Lets be GOAL CRUSHERS this week!!  Lets do this!!!

Happy Running

Danielle aka Fit Cookie