Another One Bites the Dust

If you’ve been following me or even just if you pop in sporadically you know that I run a 5k or more every single Sunday.  Well yesterday was no exception.  I knocked out run #96 !  Yep – you read that correctly – I’ve run 96 Sundays in a row without ever taking a Sunday off.  I cannot believe that I am almost to 100 runs!

I’ve been talking to my friend and one of my business partners about hosting a Healthy Happy Hour.  We finally narrowed it down to 2 dates but needed to decide on one.  Well as fate would have it when I was looking at the calendar – turns out one of the dates is the weekend that I will run run #100 !!  So that pretty much decided the weekend for us. As I have more info on the start time I will be sure and share it.  I know for sure its going to be on Friday Nov 9 probably around the 6pm hour – this way people have time to get there from work but it also isn’t interfering with Friday night plans.  I am so excited to get to share this with friends; this will be our 1st event of this type and if it goes well maybe we will host it on a quarterly basis or something.  We shall see…..

So be on the look out for more info on our upcoming event and be ready to celebrate 100 runs with me!!

Happy Running!!

Danielle aka A Fit Cookie



Run Baby Run

Well hello there Sunday Runday! Another Sunday; another day to run.  Not to break my own arm while I’m patting myself on my back but sometimes I am amazed that I continue to get this done each week.  Today I ran my 95 consecutive Sunday running a 5k or more. I feel like each week it gets a little harder; when it should be getting easier.  I’m definitely not getting any faster…… Sigh…… Let me talk about some of the issues.

So of course the obvious issue is the time.  It is a royal pain making sure I get this run done every week.  Sure in the grand scheme of things its not a crazy amount of time, and its not my entire day – but it does require me to make plans around it.  If we are traveling, or have a sporting event – I have to schedule my run around everything.  So sometimes it definitely feels like a job.

Mentally – some Sundays I just don’t feel like running.  Some Sundays I want to be Sunday Fundays…. There have been plenty of times that I did not want to get up to run, or go run after church, times that I just wanted to veg out on the sofa with my boys.  I really thought the mental aspect would’ve gotten easier at this point.  You figure I’ve been running every Sunday for almost 2 years at this point.  The mental aspect has actually gotten harder!  WTH…  yeah so not happy about that.  When I first started this unintentional streak I was psyched up to run every Sunday, I looked forward to getting this done and adding another day to my list of days completed. Now its a chore and I definitely have to pump myself up to go and many times its my husband saying you know that you’re going to regret not doing it so just go and get it done.  I will say that last year as I got close to the 1 year mark I was starting to feel this way & I even told everyone once I hit 1 year – I am DONE…… yeah well I of course I hit the year and thought hmmmm I wonder how long I can keep going.  2 years may be my limit.  Of course I say that now, then once I hit it – I’ll keep going.

Physically – every single run SUCKS!  If its not my back – who am I kidding its always my back.  Running outside makes everything go by faster; I love being able to read books while running on the treadmill but sometimes the fresh air just makes the day better, makes you remember why you are thankful to be alive.  Well thanks to this back injury – I haven’t run outside.  The times I’ve tried to run outside the pain was almost unbearable.  Every time my foot would strike the ground I would be in pain. If you’re old enough to remember the Roadrunner cartoon – I feel like Wylie Coyote after getting an anvil dropped on his head; like an accordion – there really is no other way to explain it.  So yeah running outside has been removed from my options; which leaves running on the treadmill.  Running on the treadmill doesn’t eliminate my back pain but it is manageable at least. On top of the back pain is foot pain; the foot pain is because I am so flat footed and I cannot find any inserts that don’t make my life miserable.  I remember years ago getting fitted and having custom ones made; they did nothing to help my issue – if anything they made it worse. So another pain I am just stuck with. Whatever… just keep swimming Nemo….. or running as it is in my case.

I know this just sounds like a list of Why the hell are you still doing this girl? but in reality – running this Sunday 5k has become a part of who I am.  Every Sunday that I push past the mental rebellion, the physical pain, the time constraints – it reminds me of how freaking strong I am!  I am reminded that if I want it, I can get it.  If I set out to do it I can accomplish it.  If I get out my own way and my own head I can knock down barrier after barrier or better yet Sunday after Sunday!  So who knows – maybe I’ll still be crushing these this time next year….  we shall see; but while I am still in the midst of this unintentional streak I am going to enjoy it!

Happy Running!

Danielle aka A Fit Cookie


Sunday Funday

Well – today is Sunday Funday or as I like to call it – Sunday RUNday!  I have been running every Sunday for the last 47 consecutive Sundays.  Yup you read that correctly; today marks the 47th Sunday that I have run a 5k or more.  Most times it was more.  Today I ran 4.51 miles.  I cannot believe that I am almost at the 1 year mark. Crazy how time flies.

If you’ve been following me; then you know that I did something to my foot back in August/late July and had to take some time away from boxing and kickboxing to make sure I could complete my half marathon.  Well I was talking to a friend today and I was saying – my foot is still really bad and I am falling behind in my running miles.  I need to hit my goal of 1100 miles and I am only at 885 or so.  My friend said to me – well what happens if you don’t hit 1100 miles by 12/31? That gave me pause… what would happen if I didn’t hit 1100 miles?  It was a self imposed goal…  the world isn’t going to blow up if I don’t hit it…  maybe I could stop and smell the roses and not worry about the goal….  Bask in the fact that I have already run almost 900 miles…. There’s a thought.

I know exactly what my friend was trying to make me see.  Nothing bad is going to happen if I don’t hit this goal.  But let’s be honest I have had many goals that I set out to achieve and then not hit, and said oh well – the world isn’t going to end if I don’t hit this goal.  While this thought process makes sense for many – it doesn’t work for me.  Once I start letting goals fall by the wayside – its so easy to get side tracked.  Its so easy to say well no one is going to die if I don’t make it.  And then I am at the beginning of my journey again, saying ok well I am going to do it this time.  I am tired of restarting the journey – so yeah even though no one is going to die if I don’t hit my 1100 miles – a little piece of myself will.  I don’t want any little pieces of me to die – I kinda like me….  I mean I am hella funny and whatnot.

So with that said – I will be pushing through to hit 1100 miles by 12/31. I am my biggest obstacle and I have to learn to get out of my own way and my own head.  Let’s finish out 2017 strong!!

Oh yeah – I’ll post workouts for the week tomorrow.

Happy Running


aka A Fit Cookie