Putting in Work

So of course you know I ran my 5k on Sunday – as per my normal Sunday Runday.  It was run #97!!  Hot Dayuum…..  There was some drama getting that run done, but that’s not what I am here to talk about today.  We won’t talk about how I had to leave the gym and go back to the gym just to get the run done (insert eye roll here)…..

Any way I am here to talk about the great boxing workout I got last week! You know I love my UFC Gym family; it is practically my 2nd home.  I love the fact that I can hit the mitts, I can hit a trainer wearing pads (Click to see video) , I get pushed to be my best, I get pushed to get out my comfort zone, they don’t let me slack, but I can also laugh and joke with them.  I seriously love my gym and all of the trainers.   They are great at seeing who needs what and giving them exactly that, so even though its a class you still get some individualized attention.

If you are local and are looking to try something new and different I cannot recommend my gym enough.  It is a family; you will make new friends that will become way more than just gym friends.  Chances are when you stop by I will be there working out or at least laughing with someone!


Happy Working Out!

Danielle aka A Fit Cookie



Another One Bites the Dust

If you’ve been following me or even just if you pop in sporadically you know that I run a 5k or more every single Sunday.  Well yesterday was no exception.  I knocked out run #96 !  Yep – you read that correctly – I’ve run 96 Sundays in a row without ever taking a Sunday off.  I cannot believe that I am almost to 100 runs!

I’ve been talking to my friend and one of my business partners about hosting a Healthy Happy Hour.  We finally narrowed it down to 2 dates but needed to decide on one.  Well as fate would have it when I was looking at the calendar – turns out one of the dates is the weekend that I will run run #100 !!  So that pretty much decided the weekend for us. As I have more info on the start time I will be sure and share it.  I know for sure its going to be on Friday Nov 9 probably around the 6pm hour – this way people have time to get there from work but it also isn’t interfering with Friday night plans.  I am so excited to get to share this with friends; this will be our 1st event of this type and if it goes well maybe we will host it on a quarterly basis or something.  We shall see…..

So be on the look out for more info on our upcoming event and be ready to celebrate 100 runs with me!!

Happy Running!!

Danielle aka A Fit Cookie


Not Too Shabby

So as you know I didn’t run my annual half marathon this year and I was feeling kind of down about it.  In fact I have been down about not being able to run in general like I was running last year.  Anyway – so today I was looking for something to be a cool background picture and decided to lay out my medals from years past and take a picture of that.  Now while I fully understand that some people earn this many in a year, and this has taken me several years – I am very proud to display my medals.  Not a bad hall and love the fact that my kids were in awe of them.  I’ll be adding to this pile again next year – this year was only a temporary set back.

Happy Running!

Danielle aka A Fit Cookie

Run Baby Run

Well hello there Sunday Runday! Another Sunday; another day to run.  Not to break my own arm while I’m patting myself on my back but sometimes I am amazed that I continue to get this done each week.  Today I ran my 95 consecutive Sunday running a 5k or more. I feel like each week it gets a little harder; when it should be getting easier.  I’m definitely not getting any faster…… Sigh…… Let me talk about some of the issues.

So of course the obvious issue is the time.  It is a royal pain making sure I get this run done every week.  Sure in the grand scheme of things its not a crazy amount of time, and its not my entire day – but it does require me to make plans around it.  If we are traveling, or have a sporting event – I have to schedule my run around everything.  So sometimes it definitely feels like a job.

Mentally – some Sundays I just don’t feel like running.  Some Sundays I want to be Sunday Fundays…. There have been plenty of times that I did not want to get up to run, or go run after church, times that I just wanted to veg out on the sofa with my boys.  I really thought the mental aspect would’ve gotten easier at this point.  You figure I’ve been running every Sunday for almost 2 years at this point.  The mental aspect has actually gotten harder!  WTH…  yeah so not happy about that.  When I first started this unintentional streak I was psyched up to run every Sunday, I looked forward to getting this done and adding another day to my list of days completed. Now its a chore and I definitely have to pump myself up to go and many times its my husband saying you know that you’re going to regret not doing it so just go and get it done.  I will say that last year as I got close to the 1 year mark I was starting to feel this way & I even told everyone once I hit 1 year – I am DONE…… yeah well I of course I hit the year and thought hmmmm I wonder how long I can keep going.  2 years may be my limit.  Of course I say that now, then once I hit it – I’ll keep going.

Physically – every single run SUCKS!  If its not my back – who am I kidding its always my back.  Running outside makes everything go by faster; I love being able to read books while running on the treadmill but sometimes the fresh air just makes the day better, makes you remember why you are thankful to be alive.  Well thanks to this back injury – I haven’t run outside.  The times I’ve tried to run outside the pain was almost unbearable.  Every time my foot would strike the ground I would be in pain. If you’re old enough to remember the Roadrunner cartoon – I feel like Wylie Coyote after getting an anvil dropped on his head; like an accordion – there really is no other way to explain it.  So yeah running outside has been removed from my options; which leaves running on the treadmill.  Running on the treadmill doesn’t eliminate my back pain but it is manageable at least. On top of the back pain is foot pain; the foot pain is because I am so flat footed and I cannot find any inserts that don’t make my life miserable.  I remember years ago getting fitted and having custom ones made; they did nothing to help my issue – if anything they made it worse. So another pain I am just stuck with. Whatever… just keep swimming Nemo….. or running as it is in my case.

I know this just sounds like a list of Why the hell are you still doing this girl? but in reality – running this Sunday 5k has become a part of who I am.  Every Sunday that I push past the mental rebellion, the physical pain, the time constraints – it reminds me of how freaking strong I am!  I am reminded that if I want it, I can get it.  If I set out to do it I can accomplish it.  If I get out my own way and my own head I can knock down barrier after barrier or better yet Sunday after Sunday!  So who knows – maybe I’ll still be crushing these this time next year….  we shall see; but while I am still in the midst of this unintentional streak I am going to enjoy it!

Happy Running!

Danielle aka A Fit Cookie


Forgetful Fran

Ok – yeah so I realized that I was supposed to come back last Monday and post my workouts…. I realized that as I was getting ready to write today’s blog… my bad.

Life is crazy, and I am trying to stay on top of a million things. Wrestling season for my younger 2 has started, which means crazy schedules.  There’s always juggling of homework, dinner, house work, work work, workouts, etc. you get the picture – this is a well oiled machine over here (well most times).

So my workouts for last week consisted of running, boxing, kickboxing, running, running, and more running….  I am working hard to hit my year end goal of 1100 miles.  I am happy to say that my 2017 in 2017 team has hit our team goal! Woohoo!  I knew we would get there; it took a little more than I anticipated.  We have already put together our team for 2018 and its going to rock!  I wouldn’t be surprised if we hit it 2xs!!

Ok so today is Monday and my goal for the week is to run at least 30 miles.  I am upping my mileage goals because of the fact that I am getting down to the wire for my overall goal.  I would also like to make it to kickboxing or boxing class at least 1x and I would like to complete one of the Lori Harder workouts.  I love her workouts but with my current schedule – I haven’t been able to get them in.   So I am going to lay out my plan for the week – then as the week progresses, I can pop back over and post my completed workouts.

11/12 Sunday – ran 4.03 miles

11/13 Monday – ran 5.02 miles

11/14 Tuesday – run 5 miles; complete Lori Harder Workout 1

11/15 Wednesday – run 4 miles; 60 mins kickboxing

11/16 Thursday – run 5 miles

11/17 Friday – run 4 miles

11/18 Saturday – run 5 miles; Lori Harder Workout 2

In the meantime – make sure you get out and move!!  Go for a walk, or a run; go skip with your kids; take your fur baby for a longer walk than usual.  Make the most of the fact that you can move!

Happy Running!

Danielle aka A Fit Cookie


Fasted Cardio

This morning unable to sleep…. I laid in the bed for quite some time, trying to go back to sleep, trying to just snuggle down as I say.  Sleep just would not come back to me.  I thought about going out for a run, and remembered that these temps require me to get dressed in layers – yeah I know its in the 50s, but I would freeze.  My friend Leslie was probably out running 20 miles this morning, this is her kind of weather; I on the other hand require gloves, long sleeves, long pants and maybe even a jacket to run in these temps…  brrr

Clearly running outside was out of the question.  Also I wasn’t sure if my hubby was going to the gym this morning or later on today.  Finally after at least 30 mins of internal debate – I said screw it and got up, got dressed, grabbed my stuff and headed to the gym.

I got to the gym and it was empty, one other dude was in there. I love having the place all to myself.  I hop on the treadmill and bang out a “quick” 2 miles.  I love doing fasted cardio!  Fasted cardio gives me the best workouts.  As some of you may know, I am terrible at eating enough.  Let me clarify – when I am on point and making good choices I am terrible at eating enough; if I am eating crappy I can definitely eat enough calories – of course those foods are much higher in calories, so its easy to hit a calorie goal.  Any way most days I don’t eat crappy.  I have a hard time hitting 1200 calories on some days.  So I have been working on that and trying to eat more protein.  With all of that said and with that in mind – my husband is always like you are not the one that needs fasted cardio.  Even though in his opinion I don’t need to do fasted cardio – I love it!  I have the best runs when its first thing in the morning and I’ve only had an energy shot.  I crush those runs every single time.  This is true for just the short runs though, long runs don’t work well on fasted cardio because I can only think about food and how hungry I am – ha ha.  Any runs under 5 miles I can do fasted, but more than that and my brain just shuts down.

I’ve only run 3 times this week and none of them have been more 3ish miles.  I feel the need to get in a longer run one of these days soon.  My foot is feeling better,  so its time to start testing it out and seeing exactly what it is ready for.  So one day next week I need to get in at least a 5 mile run.

Alright well I have a jam packed Saturday, football, a birthday party, lots of running around.  I am glad I got to take a few minutes to myself this morning because the rest of my day is packed full…..

Hope you get out and enjoy the day!  Go for a run, go for a walk, have a game of catch with your kids, just enjoy life!

Happy Running!!

A Fit Cookie

Back Again

Ok – I am not saying this is going to be an every day occurrence but here I am – 2 days in a row!  Woohoo…  I’ll try my best to keep the momentum going, and keep posting.

So today is the 1st day I’ve run since my half marathon last Sunday.  I had to run because I couldn’t break my #JustDoItSunday streak with Nike.  So today marked 41 Sundays in a row that I have run at least 3.1 miles – most Sundays it has been more than that.

Hard to believe that in just another 11 Sundays I will have run EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY for an ENTIRE year!!!  Yes I typed that in caps because I am screaming!!  This is huge! This is major!  This is AHHMazBalls!!

Let’s get to the nitty gritty – how did my foot/heel/ankle/ brokenness hold up – well let’s just say I was more than a minute per mile faster than my previous indoor run!  Say what??  Umm yeah  – a whole minute faster.  So I guess its fair to say that my brokenness held up just fine….  I think taking a week off from running probably really helped; I’ve only been spinning, lifting and boxing over this last week.  That full week off from running probably gave my injury a much needed rest.

I only ran 3.68 – originally I was going to shoot for 9.3 – I know that’s a weird number; but I am a part of a team for running 2017 miles in 2017 and my girl asked me to get 9.29 miles today to bring us to 1800 miles for the year.  As much as I wanted to do that and knock it out of the park – I also didn’t want to push it and have a set back.  So even though in my heart I wanted to keep running, I pulled myself back and finished happily with only completing 3.68 miles.

Ok so here is my plan for the week.  Oh wait before I get to that – I would like to point out that I dropped 1.7lbs this week!  Another woohoo for me!!  I’ll keep plugging along.  In another few weeks or so I will get my visceral fat checked again.  I really need to get a scale at home for checking it.  Do any of you have the Omiron scale that checks visceral fat?  If so drop me a line about what you think about it.  I would love some inside info on it before buying or asking my husband to buy it for me.

Ok now back to my workouts for the week.  I am a part of the #LoriHarderTribe  – so I’ve been trying to follow her September workout calendar; I’ve also been mixing in Katie Hill workouts; both are killer and have had me so sore – but in a good way.  Anyway – I digress – here is my plan for this week:

Monday – run 3-5 miles (we’ll see how I am feeling); Lori Harder workout 2

Tuesday – boxing at UFC

Wednesday – RPM; Lori Harder workout 3

Thursday – MaTRX (combo kickboxing & TRX class) at UFC

Friday – Run 3-5 miles; Lori Harder workout 3

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – #JustDoItSunday 5k

Ok there is my plan….. help me stick to it!  Check up on me!  Call me out!

I’ll be back to post again and keep y’all update –  I know you will be waiting with bated breath – I promise not to disappoint.  In the mean time while you are waiting on my next post – go out and move something!  Go for a run or a walk, enjoy the last days of summer that we are having here in the north east.

Happy Running!~

A Fit Cookie aka Danielle